WHT 2017.jpg

4th - 5th November 2017

Walter Hayes Trophy

This is probably the shortest Walter Hayes Trophy anybody has ever had. 

2 races and not even half a lap completed. 

A poor qualifying session in pouring rain put me at the back of the grid in my Heat and after a good initial start the weekend went down hill very quickly.

My Heat race didn't even last one corner, I had a good start but got tapped from behind and sent into a spin on the greasy surface then collected by another car which put me out of the race.

I Then started the last chance race from the very back of the field, another good start making up many places, but I found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time when a car that span off further up reversed back on to the track, with no where to go I had a pretty hefty 80+mph shunt to the rear of the on coming car.


I would like to start by thanking Gavin Ray for building such a strong/ well built car. We all know to well what can happen with a head-on shunt to the gearbox like I had.

I was lucky to escape with just a dislocated toe, thanks to all the medical staff at Silverstone that helped put it back and to all the friends and family that was there to support. Sorry I couldn't give you the racing that you travelled up to see but I'm sure you will agree with me you probably witnessed some of the best wheel to wheel racing you have ever seen. 

The Walter Hayes for me is still the greatest Formula Ford 1600 event and I already can't wait to get going again in 2018.


The shortest Walter Hayes Trophy ever