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5th place badge american speedfest brands hatch 2017

13th August 2017

Super Series 



I travelled to Norfolk for the first time since the first time I ever entered a race. 

My first ever race was on the Snetterton 300 circuit at the beginning of last year -2016. Back then I had no benchmark, completely zero experience and no expectations. This weekend would be different, I had a benchmark, slightly more experience and I had target times I wanted to get too.

With just 5 cars entered for the weekends racing I knew I wasn't going to get much of a race with anyone so I just used the test day and both races as practice and to try some different things with the setup of the car, which of course gave me some more valuable time behind the wheel.

For context last year I was lapping in the 2.17s. I set myself -what I thought, would be a pretty tough target of getting in or below the 2 minute 10s. 



With a pretty long lap of over 2 minutes and just 15 minutes to qualify, I couldn't mess around and I had to be on it from the first lap. I managed a 2.08.069 on lap 4 and therefore of course I smashed my target time by 2 seconds. I knew this was only good enough for the back of the grid but with the competition on display I wasn't disapointed and was very happy with my time.


Race 1 

I got an okish' start but was a bit too late on the brakes into the first hairpin and the 4 cars in front had left me standing, this wasn't important for my race as I knew I was here for lap times and experience. 

I pushed as hard as I could in the race and my lap times were still coming down.

Posting consistent high 2.07s I finally broke into the 2.06s on the final lap. I was gifted a place earlier on in the race as a front runner had a mechanical issue and had to retire to the pits, I finished the race with my fastest lap and in 4th place . (Got to love a 5 car grid) I CAME BLOODY 4TH!!!


Race 2 

I would start 4th on the grid lining up behind channel 4 F1 commentator Ben Edwards and along side the vastly experienced Formula Ford driver Adam Quartermaine. 

A much better start this time but I just couldn't stay with the pack, halfway through the race I felt something strange with the car and with 4 minutes left of the race I was getting huge vibrations down the straight, we later found out the rear hub nut came loose which was causing the vibrations.

Unfortunately I didn't go any faster in race 2 but was happy to get in the 2.06s in race 1. 

A very successful weekend, my family of supporters made the trip up on a very sunny Sunday, my boys had a great time watching and helping daddy, the car ran great again and I get to tell everyone I finished 4th and 5th !! 


AF RACING Adam Fathers ff1600 pit lane exit snetterton 300
AF RACING Adam Fathers ff1600 getting straped in with the boys watching on snetterton 300
AF RACING Adam Fathers ff1600 Friday testing rear view snetterton 300

A start, A lap, Some spins....