28th October 2017

Champion of Brands 



The final round of the champion of brands. 

The week  aftet the Formula Ford Festival and the week before the Walter Hayes Trophy. The plan was to have a nice run out, keep my foot in and enjoy a good couple of races. 

Well.....that was the plan. 



The morning sun hadn't quiet dried the track ahead of our first session of the day. A wet track in places was tricky to navagate round and as I turned in to Paddock for the first time I came a cropper. Head on straight in to the tyre barriers. - 1 lap into qually and I had taken out the front left corner (and some) of the car - gutted!! 

I thought my day was finished. It was a big impact and the car had taken a good beating, when I got back to the paddock I said to the boys should we just park up and start preparing for the Walter Hayes  on Wednesday?  

But this was never an option. 

"Right, what do we need? let's make a list and get started, what times the race" 

"errrrr 11.30, like 2 hours and we still need to get parts??"

"Better crack on then" 

That was it, the boys set to work. Parts where coming in left right and centre from other guys in the paddock to help get me fixed up and out for the race, an uncle even travelled to the Ray factory to grab bits!! - in bloody Croydon!  

To the astonishment of not just me but to everyone involved plus most other teams and drivers in the paddock the car was ready and I was sitting on the grid by 11.30 in a car with all four wheels seemingly pointing in the right direction. 


Race 1 

Obviously having not set a lap in qually I was last on the grid (only a small grid of 7 cars) 

I got a good get away but couldn't make any positions up on the first lap. Considering we just chucked the car together to get me back out, the car felt really good. 

I made a move up the inside of Graham Hill Bend on lap 2 to take 6th. A retirement ahead put me in 5th which is where I finished.

Again I managed a new personal best fastest lap with a 52.316. I was super happy with this considering  how the car looked 2 hours before hand! 


Race 2 

With a little bit of setup work between races we had the car all pointing in the right direction ready for the 2nd race. 

I started 5th on the grid, having finished 5th in race 1. 

I litterlelly had my worst start ever. I started in 3rd gear !!! Rookie mistake. After the first half lap I had dropped back to 6th and was 3 seconds off of 5th. 

The car felt great once again so I was able to push. Everytime I get in the car it feels me with more confidence and the times show, as again I set a new personal fastest lap time with a 52.0

It was a race of playing catch up and on the final lap I did manage to catch, make the move and pass on the inside round Druids. I finished in 5th. I was very happy again with the pace of the car and pleased I was yet again faster with more time in the car.

I litterely owe the whole day to everyone that got me back out racing. 

Without them I wouldn't have raced atall. Litterely so many people to thank that helped get parts, lend parts, lend tools, give time and support. Dad, Andy Charsley, Andy Jackson, Graham Brunton, Colin Beckett, Matt rivet, Gavin Ray, Rob shimpton, Jay Curtis, thank you!

So a day of real ups and downs. More learnt and more time found. 

Adam Fathers Racing Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch Champion Of Brands 2017
Adam Fathers Racing Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch Champion Of Brands 2017 af-racing
Adam Fathers Racing Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch Champion Of Brands 2017 af-racing