Welcome to my website Adam Fathers Racing. 


I competed in my maiden season of Formula Ford this year and with great success.


As a young boy I grew up watching my uncle Andy Charsley compete in many single seater and saloon cars

Andy enjoyed great success in all categories none more so than in the exhilarating and thrilling Formula Ford championship that offers the closest racing you will ever see.


Andy started racing back in 1986, before I was even born, Andy sadly gave up the sport that he and the family loved so much up in 1997 to start a family, I was just 8.

Andy began a successful 'come back' season early in 2015.


I was ecstatic when Andy phoned me to tell me he was in the process of buying a new Formula Ford and in advanced talks with people to build a new team.


I wanted to be as involved with his come back and the team as much as I possibly could. Before long I was his top mechanic and obsessive to learn as much about the car and the setup as possible.


A successful come back season was coming to an end for the team and Andy and all that was left was the concluding two 'blue-ribbon' events of the year - The Formula Ford Festival at Brands Hatch and the Walter Hayes Trophy at Silverstone.


After the buzz of being deeply involved with the team at both of these prestigious events I simply couldn't bare to watch from behind the pit wall anymore and so a proposition was made on my behalf to the ‘parents’.


The decision was made on the way home from the final event, The Walter Hayes Trophy, that with their help I could make plans over the winter and get a car that I could compete in the 2016 Formula Ford season.


I quickly booked my ARDS test which would allow me to hold a racing license and was just as enthusiastic to scan every for sale add I could lay my eyes on and find myself a car.


Before the year was out me and dad had made the trip to Scotland where we picked up a 1993 VanDiemen formula ford 1600, complete with engine, trailer and a van load of spares.


I passed my Medical and ARDS test early in 2016 with flying colours and my adventure into Motorsport was set and ready to begin.


I turned up at Brands Hatch on a cold foggy February morning, having not slept the night before due to overwhelming excitement. My first test day had finally arrived! I venture out on track with a grin from ear to ear and the rest they say is 'history'!


I’ve now competed in over 15 races and completed over 50 hours of testing - This in comparison to my competitors is a very very small amount. 


Having not come from any kind of driving background, this first year has been a massive eye opener and an even bigger learning experience for myself. I really have thrown myself in at the deep end and driving along side some truly great drivers with a vast amount of experience over myself. This however has only encouraged me to push on and learn as fast as possible. I often get complimented on my driving ability and the amount I’ve progressed in such a small amount of time from fellow competitors and teams.


I’m so excited for the 2017 season to begin and tackle the many challenges ahead.


I have to give a massive thank you to my parents for massively helping me start this journey. 2017 will be different in that I will be looking for sponsorship to continue and develop within this amazing adventure I’m currently experiencing.


If you would like to get involved in this exhilarating, encapsulating, thrilling sport then please contact me or look through my sponsorship package page where I’m sure you will find a package that suits you.


I thank you for taking the time to find visit my website and read my story so far.


I hope to either meet, compete or work with you in the near future.


Here’s to a successful 2017.


Thank you

Adam Fathers.